Technology & Security

Access Controls

  • Location & Role Permissions - Restrict each user's ability to view and change data at a location level or by role.

  • Authentication - Customizable password complexity, re-use and failed log-in requirements

  • Data Locking - Risks, Controls and Tests can be finalized and approved, allowing management to oversee changes and preventing last minute surprises.


Full Auditing

  • Each data change is logged by type and user

  • Client driven DB “snapshots” enable differential comparison of current state to any prior state

  • Failed log-in, successful log-in and last log-in retained and reportable

  • Limited roles permitted to change data


  • 2020 Control leverages AWS for best-in-class infrastructure

  • Our infrastructure is designed with industry-standard redundancy and high availability

  • Global availability and secure connectivity


  • Full Backup - All client data is fully backed up and archived

  • Full exporting - all data within 2020 Control can be exported to MS Excel on-demand by the client



  • Each client has their own instance of 2020 Control allowing for staged upgrades and client customizations

  • General functionality enhancements are available in test environments for clients to preview and accept into their instances

  • Configurable settings enable clients to customize their use of 2020